If you’re a purpose driven woman in transition, ready to replenish your energy and reignite your passion, then join me for a dive into a wisdom filled weekend to drink from your well and gain clarity on what’s next for you.

Leaders give all the time, but who gives to the leaders?

Imagine your whole body vibrating and realigning to certain tonalities as your worried mind relaxes and soaks in the healing sound.

Come prepared for a rare, restful, deeply satisfying, meditative experience. This ancient process magnetically helps you tap into the source of your hidden power with clarity and confidence.

Over the course of three days, Eliana will gently and skillfully chaperone a deep discovery process tailored to the needs and desires of each participant and the group as a whole. An alchemic blend of healing sound therapy, guided meditation, creativity, and rare ancient feminine wisdom practices from the near east of pre-biblical times weaves a sublime tapestry that allows for your profound and focused personal awakening.

This could be a turning point for your life, your health and your well-being.

Imagine yourself at ease, empowered, finally having time to listen to your true voice (whether you write it, sing it, say it)…there’s ample time for it all, AND…NO need for any musical or singing talent. There’s no performance here either.  Just you being supported in being the powerful wonderful person whom you already are.”

I loved the collective energy and openness of the group of women. I loved the opening of the retreat when we sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and explained why we were there. The responses were heartfelt. It was a wonderful and quick, but deep glimpse into everyone’s beautiful souls. I fell a little in love with everyone.

What made the retreat so special is that we had a group of people that felt an inner urge to be there so there was a purity there. No expectations, no seeking gain. I highly recommend it!  Zarla Williams