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About the Healing Music Choir


The Virtual Healing Music Choir is a global phenomenon, creating a user-generated healing music choir that brings together singers from around the world and their love of health, wellness and mindfulness in a new way through the use of technology. Singers record and upload their videos from locations all over the world through March 31st. Each one of the videos is then synchronised and combined into one single healing music meditation which is then freely distributed for the public’s health and well-being – second week of April.


History of Virtual Choirs

Virtual choirs began in 2009 as a simple experiment in social media when one young fan of choral composer, Eric’s Whitacre’s  – recorded a video of herself singing one of his pieces, and shared it on YouTube.

Moved, Whitacre sent a call out to his online fans to record themselves singing along to one of his compositions, and the first Virtual Choir was created.

What began with 185 singers, has now grown to more than 8,000 singers, aged 4-87, from 120 countries.  Inspired, Gilad vowed to establish a virtual healing music choir.



Healing Music Choir Evolution

At TEDxVailWomen in 2012, Eliana Gilad conducted a real-time Ancient Healing Music Choir, live with women attending from countries around the globe, streamed live through the prestigious TED channel. That same year, an Israeli-Palestinian healing music choir program was broadcast live in a worldwide collaborative summit with The Shift Network, a transformative education and media company that serves over 700,000 people worldwide, with customers in 150 countries.

Later in 2015, Eliana teamed-up with UCLArts and Healing to produce a Holiday Healing Music Choir to ease anxiety and stress for family members in post op waiting rooms and for another post-surgical rehabilitation project for the homeless.

Voices of Eden live mindful healing music meditations have been presented at the United Nations, twice and acknowledged as one of the most important contributions to mindful healthy community building world-wide.

Today, in response to the current health pandemic, the virtual healing music choir is being introduced.  The virtual healing music choir is an ideal self-care activity through the arts, for all ages. 

It’s a way to build community, even in isolation. It’s an ideal tool for caregivers, in public settings and at home. 

Multiple benefits of Voices of Eden healing music modality 

  • Reduces anxiety and increases inner calm. 
  • It’s a simple self-care activity whose benefits increase with time.
  • No words eliminates the language barrier.
  • It creates community and sense of belonging. This is particularly important when we are facing social isolation.
  • Wordless music bypasses the intellect and quiets the anxious mind.
  • Those care-giving an elder family member or younger family members find a fun, healthy activity to do together.
  • You sleep better.
  • Wordless vocals (e.g. humming), is great for brain health. It balances both hemispheres of the brain. 


Why is your voice so important?

  1. Worldwide, corona virus is changing the way we live.
  2. Fear and anxiety can be the larger viruses. Qualities of kindness, patience, generosity, acceptance and receptivity – allow us to come together in this time of need. Everyone stands to benefit. Together we will move forward.
  3. As this modality lowers stress and increases quality of sleep you will benefit by singing the melody and you’ll be contributing to our societal health and well-being.
  4. With no language barrier, so people all over the world can participate.
  5. It’ll give you a constructive healthy self-care activity while you’re at home.
  6. Vulnerability is not a weakness….it is our strength…especially when we surrender and show up as our authentic selves.
  7. You don’t need to be a professional singer. 

Imagine thousands of voices coming together in harmony. Voices of Eden is a living experiment of creating health and well-being on earth, one authentic voice at a time.

Looking forward to hearing yours!

Next Step

  • Enjoy the Live Free Class (video on the right). We had a live test and learned the melody together. This class lets you experience history in the making…it’s an organic process…where everything comes together. It’ll empower and uplift you…Said one participant at the end: “I’m leaving this class sooooooo calm, so grounded, so at ease within myself”.
  • Then find out how to make and record your own video: Click here or on the button below. You’ll be taken to a page with a series of short videos with a recording of the original Cosmic Melody, the conductor track plus they will explain everything you need to contribute your voice to this historic phenomenon.

Enjoy our Live Experiment Class