Video One

In Video One you’ll hear certification students share: “How this certification is different than the others I have sitting on the shelf collecting dust.”   “The return on my investment already began in the second session”. “I used to invest in programs then stop in the middle.  I’m not doing that with this program. Here’s how and why…”

Video Two

In Video Two you’ll hear certification students answer questions: “Here’s how I came up with the money in full, when I had none (without going into debt), and ended up feeling self-respecting and empowered to trust my inner voice”.  You also hear responses on questions regarding timing – “Timing isn’t right, maybe I should wait. Particularly now because of the pandemic?” (this is a powerful one!). How does the program work exactly?

This session ends with a healing music meditation composed on the spot by Patricia Daly one of our Therapeutic Singing certification students….Did we say…sublime?……