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Training Program with Eliana Gilad 

Emerge from this unnerving, unpredictable period THRIVING…through a course that teaches you how to embrace uncertainty, navigate the rapids and propel you forward in times of change…leaving you BETTER off and poised for prosperity and success.

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During these days of extreme uncertainty, are you wondering...


  • How can I best use my time to emerge from this crisis, in better shape than before?
  • How do I remain grounded when anxiety tries to knock me off center?
  • Why are some people making positive changes, when I want to move forward, but have no clue how?
  • Why do I keep saying YES to everybody, even when it makes me feel unhappy, taken for granted, and burnt-out?
  • How do I put my self-care first and stop feeling guilty saying no, when others need me too?
  • Where do I reclaim my feminine power, after I lost my identity to "mom" and "partner"


IMAGINE using your voice to engage with all your relationships in a way that empowers and enriches everyone! You're fully expressed, supporting yourself and others to connect to the source of your feminine power.

Your authentic voice is an untapped source of strength and resourcefulness deep within your well of wisdom. Access and use it to make a difference today!

Just a Few of Our Satisfied Clients...


EMERGE TRIUMPHANT: Thrive Through Uncertainty with Your Healing Voice! is a self-paced, comprehensive virtual training program that teaches you how to harness the healing power of your natural, perfectly imperfect, authentic human voice.




  • How to GROUND YOURSELF in any situation by accessing your well of wisdom within.
  • Get 100% CLEAR on WHAT YOU WANT so you can emerge ready to share your gifts with others.
  • HOW TO MANAGE CONFLICT and remain centered, without losing yourself.
  • The step-by-step process to CONFIDENT SELF EXPRESSION that positions you as a leader.

This Material is Being Revealed After 3000 Years Under Wraps

We’re living in unprecedented times; one foot in the old world and the other in the new. We’re living in the “gap”.

No one knows what the future holds.

A large part of accessing and leading from your feminine voice is learning to let go of the old, without knowing what’s next, without self recrimination, remorse, shame or blame. This allows for something new to emerge, even when it makes no logical sense.

This material is unique and not taught anywhere else. If your innards are’re being led to a wonderful new experience of life.

Now is the time to chart a different course. You’ve got two options:
1. Do nothing. Nothing will change. You stay in trapped in inner fear and turmoil and go down the ship.
2. Face the fear and move through it.  You'll emerge the other side, empowered, inspired, resilient and clear on what is next for you.

This course teaches you, in real time, how to navigate through the unpredictable process of change. You’re going to learn the wisdom skills that the feminine leaders used in ancient times.

Envision yourself in a non-judgmental, supportive, authentic and encouraging environment. Imagine being part of a global community of wise women pioneering this important transformative work where your voice truly makes a difference.

Imagine designing a new direction in your life and going for it!


Did You Know That...


The percentage of professionals who feel engaged and authentically connected to their life and work in these times.

(in 142 countries across the globe!)


Increase in level of health and well-being among healing professionals who regularly take time off.


Increase in level of satisfaction, for those who schedule time for creative thinking.
(yet only 17% actually do it!)

Any wonder the world is in the shape it is in today?!??!?!

It’s time to be 100% authentic YOU. Your voice makes a difference!

By Working with Me You're Getting...

….the MOST AUTHENTIC  feminine healing voice training you can buy!

Whether your pre-pandemic work or life has crumbled or you’re ready to seize this time to reinvent yourself so you can serve others in a remarkable and profitable way, you want a relevant approach taught by someone who EMBODIES and KNOWS how to flourish in the gaping “cracks” of life.

Many teach about the rise of the feminine in our age of uncertainty. Though note that someone who TEACHES feminine power – does NOT necessarily mean they're an expert in LEADING and HEALING from their feminine power.

It's important to ask how many have actually LIVED through crisis, war and displacement and come out the other side THRIVING?

SHALOM! My name is Eliana Gilad –  Thrive Through Uncertainty expert, Healing Voice mentor, Therapeutic Singing certifier, TEDx presenter, author and founder of Voices of Eden.

For over twenty five years, I have created, planned and LED over a thousand courses, events and retreats – and trained over 10,000 conscious professionals through our Voices of Eden Live and Virtual Programs.

I know what it takes to remain focused and effective in the midst of uncertainty and change, and how to thrive when $^%# breaks loose (even in war!).

I know how to teach you to do the same. I know the problems that can arise when you get stuck in fear or uncertainty of living in what seems like “an eternal unknown”.

My intent is to share my expertise with you, so YOU don’t have to experience the secret humiliations, mistakes and worrisome issues that I’ve dealt with since I first jumped off into the “unknown” in 1991.

My Mission Is...

For you to emerge from these times transformed: clear, connected to your roots and radiating with exuberant energy. 

Your vision for what’s possible has expanded, moving you into practical action. You’re ready to share your authentic voice with the confidence of who you are so you can finally fulfill your purpose in this world.

By the end of this online Training, you will have all the tools you need to effortlessly connect to your inner truth, courageously follow the guidance of your inner voice and confidently lead from your feminine power. 

By exploring an ancient feminine leadership lineage and sacred sound healing, inspired by your own inner guidanceyou'll finally be seen and heard as the real you .

This potent journey will deepen your presence, expand your vision for what’s possible, and move you into practical action thriving in the life you were born to live. As you do, you'll reconnect to your roots, solid and grounded – being a model to others - by your living example.

Listen To Our Healing Voice From Northern California

"I work with 900 kids every week. This keeps me grounded and centered, taking care of myself more."

Eliana, should I attend this Training? B’VAH-DAHYIE! (Hebrew: “ABSOLUTELY... YES!”).

IF you are ready to...

  • Learn how to use uncertainty to carry you to success.
  • Tap into your clarity that resides deep within you.
  • Reclaim your fearlessness through the unpredictable process of change.
  • Reconnect the missing links to clearly define your gifts.
  • Transcend subconscious self-sabotage and trust your inner guidance.
  • Allow your heart to speak louder than your head.
  • Consciously tap into your inner truth and express yourself authentically.
  • Live in harmony with yourself and others no matter what is going on.

...then B’EMET – REALLY, this is the perfect training for you.



  • It is for powerful women experiencing the anxiety and overwhelm of unpredictable change who want to learn a powerful feminine approach to be of service to themselves and to others in a simple yet powerful way.
  • It is also for established transformational coaches who want to expand their services to include Ancient Feminine Leadership and Healing Sound.
  • This is also a program for teachers and mentors in any healing profession, and those of you who want to learn how I do what I do, and see where it takes you!

You are accountable to your life experience...ready to be kind, compassionate and nurturing towards yourself...especially those parts you consider most “ugly”.


You are intent on emerging from these uncertain times, clearer, more connected, ready to make your mark in the world.


Thrive through Uncertainty... is NOT for those who want to dabble in feminine power. It’s not for you if you blame external circumstances for your problems, or the patriarchy, or if you create negativity that pulls others down.

I only train people who are positive and kind and compassionate and generous and committed to Growth and Expansion.



  • You’re still secretly stuck in victim mode.
  • Though you’ve done lots of work on yourself, you don't own that YOU are 100% creator of your experience (good and bad).
  • You’re not willing to express yourself or contribute to group process.
  • Prospering together is too intimidating. You’d rather have someone else take control. 
  • You’re unwilling to meet your dark under-belly with compassion
  • You’re unwilling to invest in your good (time, money, spirit, energy)
  • The minute you get too uncomfortable you act out and blame others (or worse, yourself :-)!

Here's What You'll Learn...


What is Feminine Power?

This first module sets you up for success with the right mindset about feminine power, your true voice and how to and lead with it in our post pandemic age. We can’t talk about having a meaningful next chapter of life (and beyond) unless we have the tools to identify and clear these obstacles.


"I learned how to ground myself in any situation. It brings everything I need in the moment in work and personal life.  I'm comfortable with myself in both good and not so good moments."


In Module One, we will deep dive into:

  • Myths and misconceptions that can block your movement forward and cause you to self-sabotage or stay stuck.
  • How to Trust and Safely Express Your Feminine Power
  • Who was Prophetess Miriam and How her Leadership Can Help you Safely Navigate Unprecedented Change Today
  • Ancient Tools + Mindset You Can Use to Take your Life and Business to New Heights
  • a lot more!

The Prophetess Miriam is the hidden link whose wisdom leadership and healing voice provides us with a bridge from the Ancient Hebrew world to our modern one today.


Getting Clear on What You Want
In order to get clear on what you want, it's important to FIRST connect to the Source of your healing voice!

We’ll dive deep into questions such as:

  • How can you listen to your inner voice and have the courage to trust it?
  • How can you allow for constructive change to occur when it seems like all hell is breaking loose?
  • How can you tap into your feminine wisdom on a daily basis and listen better?
  • How can you learn to be more trusting of your wisdom?
  • a lot more!



Navigating through Uncertain Change and Transition

The test of true power and self leadership is not when things are going well, but when all goes awry and the $&%^ hits the fan.  When the unexpected occurs, we have the chance of a lifetime to change our entire trajectory and come out the other end much better for it. 


In this module, we will dive deep into exploring the following:

  • How going within and trusting your intuition can help you safely navigate through the waters of transition and unpredictable change today.
  • How your inherent wisdom can help handle mistakes and mishaps to come out the other side, better, bolder, wiser.
  • Is there a fundamental difference between self-help and self-care during unpredictable transition?
  • How to become more open to creativity and inspiration through exploring the healing sound and rhythm of your heart and voice.
  • a lot more!


How to Manage Conflict

One of the most powerful things you can do to make peace with conflict, during times when the world pushes back at you, is to slow down and connect. 


In this module, we will dive deep into exploring the following questions:

  • How can we deal with conflict without losing ourselves?
  • How can we use conflict to find peace with ourselves and with others?
  • How can you express your true voice and stay within your feminine power when you’re dealing with people who are not able or willing to receive you as such?
  • How to keep your cool, and your center when you’re having a difficult conversation
  • ...and a whole lot more!



Confident Self Expression

Taking the time to listen to yourself is a powerful loving act, even when it is just for a few moments. When you pay attention, you can take care of your true inner needs. It forms the basis of confident self expression.



In this module, we will dive deep into exploring the following questions for developing the foundation of confident self-expression:

  • How can you partner with your inner voice?
  • What does feminine wisdom look like when it comes to forgiveness of your self?
  • Why are we so afraid of what others think of us?
  • How to respond when you don’t know what’s going on, don’t know what to expect, or don’t know how things will work out?
  • How to move beyond your comfort zone to grow and reach your goals and vision?
  • Setting up habits to translate your learnings into action.
  • ...and so much more!


Putting it All Together - Embodying Your Healing Voice

Learn how to help yourself and clients in clearing blocks to their success and happiness by integrating their authentic voice into the equation.


In this module, you'll learn:

  • How to share connection to feminine power, by embodying it yourself.
  • How to share healing voice with others that increases inner calm
  • First hand experience working with the material with others
  • Receive hands on practice to implement with others
  • ...and a whole lot more!


Plus I’ve got Dive Deep Straight into the Well Bonuses for You:

Value: $6000

Value: $2000

Value: $1000







Value: $1000

Value: $500

Value: $500

When you join Emerge Triumphant... receive a total value of $14,500

Isn't it time to engage with yourself and others in a way that empowers and enriches you both?

Get Started Today for Just $150


Eliana-crouchingWhen I was 8, I received a gift of Hebrew music. The mesmerizing voice on the record transfixed me for hours upon end as I doodled in my journal and learned by heart, all the words sung in this ancient tongue. In Israel at 13, a wise woman encouraged me to sing my heart in earnest.

When laid off from my 6-figure corporate job, in the 80's recession, I chose to leave the US and apply the spiritual teachings I learned through self-inquiry that I learned through the Sedona Method and frequent private meetings with Lester Levenson, who founded the technique.

My family and friends said I was doing a “geographic” …, implying that I was running away from my responsibility to "grin and bear it".

That hurt. Through deeper inquiry, it gave me the gift of clarity.

I was more terrified that I'd get to the end of my life without knowing why I had been born, than I was terrified have NO idea where I was going, what I would do, what was next or how I would earn.

Gratefully I had the courage to follow that voice of possibility. In France I broadcast voice-overs on CBS for the Olympic Games, then sang on the inner-city trains of Paris, my main “training” for developing this healing music modality.

I have devoted my life to share this healing, transformation and feminine leadership way of ancient Israel, where I lived for 20+ years, peacefully, even through wars.  Yet, I would not share my vulnerable side. I was afraid that others would see it as a weakness, when it was actually a sign of strength and courage. The only way I could truly be myself  was privately.

At times, it was a lonely road. Yet the solitude helped me hear and trust the guidance of that still small voice within. That has been my best friend and ally. It guided me to found - Voices of Eden, a living experiment in creating Eden on earth, one authentic voice at a time.

This training is my way to help professional women –  connect to their feminine power and authentic voice so they can make the difference they were born to make in this world.

One of the most important skills that I developed living in Israel, has been living with uncertainty. This is the major #1 skill that has enabled me to work and play in creative flow, in a way that makes my heart sing peacefully (even in the midst of war).

It is the reason I lead trainings online, and leadership retreats and private immersion journeys to this ancient land of Israel.

All of these things have happened as a result of my following the guidance of my inner voice (especially when it made NO sense)... Every voice makes a difference. When you trust yours and act upon it... it will lead you to wonderful places.

If you're ready to thrive – GO AHEAD


3-C Feminine Power Framework

to help you connect & express your healing voice

Value: $6000

The Connect to Source Alignment Method

to help you connect to the Source of your true power and hear your authentic voice

Value: $1500

The Emerge Triumphant Club

a students only,  private Facebook group

Value: $2000

The Wisdom Leadership Method

designed to help you connect and be guided to action 

from within

Value: $1000

Break through Blocks Practice

to let go of the blocks that stand in the way of your clear  communication and easily moving forward

Value: $500

Personalized Healing Music Modus

my proprietary template  to help you create your own healing music

Value: $1000

Transcripts and Visual Prompts

to help you visually learn, quickly

Value: $500

Irresistable Sharing with Others Technique

a six-part BONUS module with inspired actions for real-life, personal and professional application

Value: $500

Thrive through Uncertainty Training Template

for easy reference and reinforcement

Value: $500

I trust my inner guidance!

The course is delivered through recorded video sessions and recorded group sessions.


As I mentioned above, as soon as you join, you will receive the first module, which will be followed by the rest of the modules.  You are free to go through the course in your own time and in your own way since you have lifetime access.

The activation in these recorded sessions is so potent that you'll deepen your receptivity each time you listen to them. (You’ll want to again and again). You will not miss a step in your movement forward. 

We have graduates from Europe, the Americas and Asia, who are successfully implementing this modality in their personal and professional practices.

Many participants of earlier courses (taught live), never attended a live call because their hours didn't synch up (our students span five continents!  Our valuable Emerge Triumphant Club is an active hub for posting questions (which I and other practitioners answer on a regular basis). 


In each of the 6 Foundational “Thrive Through Uncertainty with Your Healing Voice” Training Modules, you will be guided through a series of teaching principles as well as guided practices designed to awaken and align each phase of your awakened and embodied expression.

This brand new series incorporates the latest principles, practices and insights that are the result of over three decades of research and practice.

Course Sessions are released to you weekly on a rolling basis. Course Sessions will become available to you via the Online Learning Portal, where you can listen online or download them to your computer or digital device.

You’ll receive lifetime access to all of the course session videos (listen online or download the video to your favorite device).

Each training module includes parts:

  1. 3 Video Lessons
  2. Transcripts of the Videos
  3. Practical Implementation Assignment
  4. Journal Assignment
  5. Guided Meditation to Embody the Module Material

 Recordings of Three Live Implementation Sessions including open mentoring with Eliana.

The intent is for you to deepen your understanding of the work, and to help you to implement it.

We all learn together, as Eliana presents new material, hidden from view for 3,000 years!

You'll be able to submit your questions in the facebook group and receive direct coaching in response.

Compare this to other VIP coaching programs of this nature, where personalized access to the expert requires an investment of $6,000-$10,000. If it’s a personally designed program -- $10,000 - $25,000.

In this program you gain direct, personal VIP access to Eliana and certified practitioners at a teeny-tiny symbolic fraction of that. This, alone, is worth the cost of admission 🙂 ...



No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Thrive Through Uncertainty with Your Healing Voice is an investment in YOU. And with our ten-day Money Back Guarantee you can test-drive the program completely risk-free!

Due to the highly transformational impact of this training, all refund requests must be made within 10 days of purchase.

After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the first introductory session of the program, and then following, lesson one.

If you ask for a refund within those 10 days, you must have participated in the program fully up until then. That means that you completed your homework and asked questions during our group training call or reached out to me so that I can answer your questions.

No refunds will be given after the ten-days... period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request. 

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!



If you’re ready to take the next step in embracing your feminine healing voice, click the Register button below to reserve your space now.


  • New York Times Bestselling author Marianne Williamson calls Eliana…an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. Eliana takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.
  • Sharon Stone features Eliana in the award-winning documentary Femme.
  • Recently Eliana was nominated for Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s Small Business Award for Innovation.
  • Eliana has presented at the UN, TEDx, on-stage with Bobby McFerrin and with thought leaders Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, and many more.
  • In 2001, during the mid-east crises, Eliana initiated a ground-breaking medical research project in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian hospital – a project that has been featured in the worldwide press from CBS, BBC, to the Hindustan Times.

If your heart says yes…YALLA – GO AHEAD