Download PDF Instructions Here


  • Application Deadline Extended to: April 30th, 2020!  (Please help us get the word out – share to your social media, connect us with press contacts)
  • Anyone may send in a video – regardless of age, race, creed, color.  
  • Watch the videos, have fun learning the melody, and record your video.
  • Fill out your Submission Form and include the unlisted youtube link in it. Make sure video is set to unlisted and NOT on PRIVATE.

Video 1

Learn the Cosmic Melody


This video includes:

  • Instruction of the Cosmic Melody
  • There are three parts: A, B, C.
  • Hum and repeat until you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to record.
  • Then go on to Video 3

Video 2

90 Min. Masterclass – Teaches Cosmic Melody + Therapeutic Singing


This video includes:

  • More Background on the project
  • Difference between regular singing and mindful therapeutic singing
  • Questions and Answers
  • Next Steps – How you can help get the word out

Video 3

Instructions and Conductor Track


This video includes:

  • Instructions about how to record yourself
  • The conductor track
  • Instructions about how to upload your video to youtube
  • Once you’ve recorded, complete your submission form here

Copy of the Sheet Music

Here is a link to a jpeg of the sheet music. yet there is no need to read music, nor be a professional singer. This healing music modality, by it’s nature, is improvisational. There is no “performance”. Voices of Eden is a living experiment of creating health and well-being, one authentic voice at a time!  You cannot flub this up!

Video 4