RuthAnna Lindemeir

Some of us often aspire that everything be “perfectly done” so that we don’t let anyone down. We dance with perfectionism. 

RuthAnna invites you to the experience of letting go and receiving. Imagine as you relax and allow your natural VOICE to reverberate throughout your body, with silence following that lets it settle in. The connection between your natural VOICE and yourSELF, loosens the tension and brings you deep calmness. 

She will share with you how to integrate this knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You’ll start to live from a place of being kinder to yourself.

RuthAnna is a lifelong musician, playing the Zither and song. In addition to Therapeutic Singing, she is also a practitioner of alternative health modalities (Reiki, Reflexology, AC Bars, and a Nutritional Advisor).

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