Empower Your

Feminine Voice

6-Day Immersion Retreat In

Tavira – Portugal

October 3-8, 2023

If you’re a juicy, purpose-driven woman, ready to attune to your feminine voice and fully express it in your next chapter from an unshakeable center of inner peace, then come to Tavira, Portugal for this unforgettable adventure in mediterranean culture. 

Eliana Gilad is like an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. She takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.

Marianne Williamson, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Presidential Candidate

Leisurely meandering through narrow, centuries old cobblestone lanes,  a lilting delight of magical sounds flow from your inner being as it effortlessly sings the ancient song of your soul, reminding you of who you were born to be.

As you sit down to pause for a moment, you amazingly realize how “doing nothing” is one of the most productive things you could ever do!

In this mediterranean gem on the Algarve, in the company of some of the wisest women of all time, you have come to reconnect with the ancient source of your feminine voice.

The muse beckons your eyes to behold the beauty of bright pink  bougainvillea spilling from marble window sills while your well gets replenished and you enthusiastically set your sight to explore a new world. 

photo by tiana


 Willingly you surrender yourself to the space and the occasion.  As you feel the sacred waters rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit, you also hear the distant sounds of ancient voices dancing upon the ocean’s edge,  reverberating deep within your soul…

Transported by the sound, transformed through it, you release the bonds of past beliefs, traumas and limitations and open to the truth of your deepest being… A few minutes later, feeling clear, confident, and courageous, you’re completely relaxed and comfortable, grounded in your power, ready to start afresh and move forward in your life.

Sound good? REALMENTE! (Portuguese: “ABSOLUTELY!”)

Then listen up… you’re going to LOVE this! 

They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…

…so imagine the effect of six extraordinary days and five nights in the exclusive company of open-hearted, high-vibe women from around the globe who deeply listen and value your unique voice!

This life-changing retreat is a global gathering of hearts, minds and souls.

Together, we are a harmonious attunement of  unique human instruments…whose ensemble so much more powerful than any one alone could ever be.

And we all know the world needs feminine energy more than ever before – it’s obvious there’s no time to lose.

That’s why NOW is the time to empower our feminine voices and unleash our collective energy and intention into the world! Every voice makes a difference.

And empowering your feminine voice is the #1 way to emerge triumphant and thrive through uncertainty so you make the contribution you were born to make (in a mutually beneficial way).

Tell me, does this sound like you:


  • You’re still afraid of others’ criticism if you fully express your power, even after years of  work on yourself and leading others… and you’re avoiding being visible & fulfilling your purpose because of it.
  • Though you’ve been well respected at work,  midlife is bringing up feelings of being “less-than”.
  • You had that faith and magic to accomplish even the impossible…but now, post COVID, you’re worried it might be lost for good and are looking for a way to reignite it.
  • You’re uncertain what’s next and exhausted trying to figure it all out alone?
  • You’re depleted from over-giving, and need to explore your passion…yet you’re the only one who can take care of things, and afraid things will fall apart when you put your needs first?

If you answered YES to 3 or more above, then this magical retreat was made especially for YOU… 

Sweetheart, isn’t time to give your mind, body and soul a rest?


How would it feel to release your fears and confidently express yourself at work and play in the second half of life?

100% possible!

  • Imagine your voice healing past traumas, remembering who you are as your full heart sings the timeless song of your soul?
  • Hear your inner truth, and express it with the satisfaction that you’re finally being seen for who you truly are!
  • Rekindle the courage to tap into what really matters to you...write that book, give that talk, sing that song with all your heart.
  • Deepen your ability to trust yourself,  your intuition & guidance and know who you want to be and the legacy you want to leave. 
  • Feel free to act upon a whim or just sit and enjoy doing nothing but watch the world go by, because it’s finally YOUR time (work and family aren’t constraints here.
  • Be nourished by the support of vibrant sisters, who GET and support you just as you are!


Why Southern Portugal?

Thousands of years ago,  leaders would retreat to temples and avail themselves of special sound and rhythm that would bypass their intellect and help reconnect them to their inner clarity and replenish their power.

This therapeutic singing practice taught in mystery schools, was a way that helped us remain relaxed and focused amidst turbulent change.

There is legend of the Well of Prophetess Miriam, which “gave forth water whenever a woman sang to it with the her heart-song”.

The well provided soothing calm and clarity to the ragged people on their prolongued perilous journey through the wilderness to an unknown “promised land”.

Today, this feminine voice tradition is being revived to help us thrive through uncertainty and emerge triumphant amdist the unprecedented changes we are facing.

Remnants of this tradition are found in southern Portugal, setting the stage for our retreat. 

Moorish Vase Tavira
Golden Haggadah, fol. 14v, ca. 1320-1330, illuminated manuscript London, British Library, courtesy The Medieval Haggadah by Marc Michael Epstein, Yale University Press, 2011


In 8th century BC, Tavira became one of the first settlements in the Iberian West.

It is a “feminine power center” where soothing energy is accessible and directly experienced.

Now is the time to reconnect to your roots and attune to your inner wisdom which knows what’s best for you.

The feminine voice is asking to be heard and expressed individually and through our collective wisdom today.

Whether you are already comfortable expressing your feminine voice and thirsty to gather around the well with other juicy women, or you’re new to this aspect of your expression, what you’ll discover in Tavira, Portugal will empower and inspire you.

Gotta speak the language or know how to sing?


(Portuguese: “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”)

  1.  This ancient approach is beyond religion, dogma, politics or any belief system.  It’s origins are timeless, rooted in the unity of ALL. You can come from any tradition, practice, or religion.  You’re in for a big surprise!
  2. There’s no need to know any language.  The therapeutic singing is wordless…no language.

Hebrew is a spiritual language focused upon the right hemisphere of the brain. It embodies sound properties and powers that bypass the cognitive mind.  Though we’ll be in Portugal…teaching will be in English.

PS. If you were born into a Judeo-Christian background and curious about your forgotten roots, you’ll LOVE this!  I’ll be happy to share it’s healing and magical powers of our ancient feminine tradition with you.

O LOCAL – (Portuguese: THE VENUE)

The Algarve – Tavira, Portugal

Situated on both sides of the slow-moving Gilão River, the town invites you to meander along its cobblestone streets, inhale the sweet aromas coming from the bakeries on almost every corner, and stop to take it all in with a cup of espresso.


Tavira’s history comes alive with its traditional, white-washed homes covered in exquisite Portuguese tiles known as azulejos.

Wouldn’t it feel freeing to step away from our mechanized culture and experience life without a schedule?

On weekends markets spontaneously pop up with a unique mix of local artisan crafts, both old and new goods, perfect for those one-of-a-kind finds. The hand painted tiles are delicious eye candy.


You’ll find peace and quiet – to reflect, think, and be at ease with yourself and others.

In Portuguese culture, people and relationships are considered more important than time, so punctuality is not as emphasized.

You’ll feel free to act upon a whim or just sit and enjoy doing nothing but watch the world go by. 


 We’ll sojourn at the Maria Nova Boutique Hotel perched on a hilltop just above the center of Tavira.

That means, from the rooftop bar, your eye will delight in a 360 degree panoramic view of the city, the river and nearby Tavira Island…making you feel on top of the world.

It also means that while our modern rooms will make you feel a world away from the noise of town, when you walk out the door, you’ll love that within a short 5-minute walk down the windy narrow cobblestone lane, you find yourself in one of the main squares where we will enjoy our welcome dinner and celebration.

We’ll end with a communal farewell feast to celebrate the magic of our journey, crowned with the empowered jewel of your inspired, open heart.

Tavira was chosen by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site resulting from the presence in its territory of civilizations of Mediterranean antiquity, such as Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs.

You’ll taste these influences in the fresh heavenly, hand-made tapas, savory Portuguese delicacies, grilled fish, caught the same morning, fresh baked bread and delectable desserts might just make you never want to leave.



 You’ll find peace and quiet – to reflect, think, and be at ease with yourself and others.

Women have played a large leadership role in the culture which emphasizes values of hospitality, neighbourliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity, and a way of life guided by respect for diversity. You’ll feel it in the hotel and permeated throughout the town.

The mayor, Ana Paula Martins is a young woman committed to feminine leadership and constructive change for the post COVID world.

Take Me to Tavira!


Myrrh and frankincense, fresh herbs, the essence of fresh persimmon and olive oil. These names evoke ancient scents of mysterious beauties, princesses in ancient palaces and sensuous  maidens.

Women knew how to arouse passions with the natural substances found around them. You’ll be tasting a variety of these titillating scents. Your entire being will rejoice with sumptuous healthy gourmet delights. Portuguese cuisine is a naturally fresh, Mediterranean based diet.

Tavira was chosen by Portugal to represent the Mediterranean Diet in UNESCO.

You will be roused each morning through an adventure in flavor. 

Like the people themselves, the Portuguese breakfast buffet’is inviting, delicious with assertively tangy flavors on the one hand, English country breakfast on the other, both comprise the freshest ingredients.

Fresh squeezed fruit juices, custard tarts (a local specialty), a spread of cheeses, eggs, yoghurt, and piping hot bread seasoned with locally picked herbs, baked pastries and much more await your palate.

Long tables laden with delicacies will rejuvenate your health without adding to your waistline. Jugs filled with cool fresh lemon water will quench your thirst.



Needing quiet time for yourself?

Imagine how awesome it would feel to having the time to meander around and just take it all in, a natural perfumery of colors, sights and smells in this blend of ancient Mediterranean cultures.

It’s a done deal. 

Listen to what others have to say…

“I’m a Japanese-Brazilian healing professional, single mom living in rural Brazil.  I acted on faith and not my fears (wasn’t sure how much I’d understand since English isn’t my mother tongue and never left my daughter alone for more than 2 days.)

Within hours of my jumping in, childcare got effortlessly arranged. Excited and nervous, alone I flew to a foreign place with people I didn’t know. 

The clarity I received within on the retreat gave me confidence and the courage me to extend my stay. I returned home rested and replenished, ready for my business, and my daughter, who was empowered by her experience too!” 

A.M. Theta Healing Trainer, Brazil

 If you’d like to thrive in feminine flow, personally and professionally…you’ll LOVE this program. Its intent is to share the ancient feminine wisdom way by LEADING FROM ITS GUIDANCE IN REAL TIME.

Therefore, an exact schedule of each day, plus the spiritual femine voice teachings are intentionally left out to allow for us to attune to creative flow. The power of this program is the group empowering each other, with each one receiving support for BEING who she is, in real time.

This entire journey is your opportunity to let go of rigid planning and the need to know, and to open up to the deeper wisdom of your heart that is always attuned to the magic of the present moment



On this retreat, you’ll clearly awaken to three different aspects of feminine voice





Connect to Your Feminine Voice


Boarding the ferry for the short journey down the Ria Formosa you arrive to the dock of Tavira Island. A leisurely stroll through natural woodlands, past the many seaside cades, leads you to the most incredible 11km long island of white sand, and crystal clear water.

Rest, replenishment, rejuvenation…exactly what your inner being craves to experience in daily life.

At the core of your being, you know it’s time to connect to the Source of your true power, time for quantum-leap change.




As you stop to enjoy a local pastel pastry and sip espresso at one of the many cafes and watch the world go by (it’s a thing here), you viscerally know the experience of being in feminine flow where  “less is more”  and “slow is fast”.

But how do you move past all the situations in your life that challenge you? How do you know what you’re meant to do next, or who you’re meant to serve, when how you operated in the past no longer enlivens you.

How do you release those old stuck emotions in your heart and subtle (or loud!) critical voices in your mind?

And how do you dare fully express your true self in today’s crazy world without exposing yourself to public criticism and humiliation?




Have no fear, the feminine flow of H20 will guide us.

Calling on ancient water practices that have been passed down for generations, we’ll release the ways we’ve chosen (often unconsciously) to limit ourselves (especially amidst growth and change).

Through our daily practices, you will come to know and embrace the true power of your feminine voice and get an answer to your every question… 24/7 (even without a wifi :-)….hello passionately pursuing what’s in your heart :-)!

When women gather for a deeper purpose, a powerful sense of satisfaction is experienced by all.

This feminine force is unstoppable!



Courage to Trust Your Feminine Voice


Ready to trust your voice and act upon its guidance?

Epic you-never-thought-it-possible transformations happen as you meander the narrow cobblestone alleyways of Tavira  – where many houses are covered in blue azulejos tiles, reflecting the closeness of the heavenly sky, and the divine feminine energy echoed in mystic Kabbalah, which has unfolded from ancient times until today to guide you forward on your path.



Can you imagine yourself effortlessly expressing yourself in service as an extension of your ancient feminine lineage?

You’ll learn how you can use embodied healing voice practices in practical and easy to implement ways so you can deal with the everyday stresses of life while maintaining your center and inner peace.

On our visit to the Moorish museum, you’ll discover the physical remnants of a mystic musical practice rooted in a 1000 year old tradition and learn about the “adufeiras” who have kept it alive.

You’ll create your own vocal incantation to soothe yourself as you take your next steps forward on your path.

If your heart needs to express the ancient song of its soul, but you have no idea how, this phase will be a game changer!  Imagine the lightness you’ll feel as you’re freed from the need to “perform” and can just humanly express itself instead.



They say that music soothes the soul.

Get ready to be betwixt through breathing music tradition of Fado, with its unique expression of Saudade – the soul’s longing amidst burnout, loss and uncertainty. 

Though this music genre officially originated in Portugal around the 1820s, it is thought to have much earlier origins, many say from Moorish influence.

You’ll enjoy an evening dedicated to Fado, known for its profound cathartic quality, in a magical setting.



Fully Express Your Feminine Voice

What would it be like to live in financial prosperity, joyfully share your gifts with the world, leaping from bed in the morning in radiant health, singing your unique song?

At this point in our journey, it’s time to align our inner and outer expression.

We will make a pilgrimage to the cobblestone alleyway of my beloved home on Travessa de Lisboa.

We’ll meander through the neighborhood to the secret park hidden behind one of the oldest churches in Tavira – to uncover the hidden symbols connecting Kabbalah, Miriam and the Iberian culture.

You’ll hear your own feminine voice reverberating off the ancient walls, connecting you to a deep sense of serenity within. We’ll experience a profound, deeply healing and transformational ceremony in these hidden arches.

Transported by the healing sound, transformed through it, you release the bonds of past beliefs, traumas and limitations and open to the truth of your deepest being…

After our deep immersion, we’ll review and experience a feminine power healing voice ritual to help you compose your Personal Feminine Power Poem.

Imagine the joy of being activated into your full feminine power, your voice fully heard as the empowered you. Best of all, you are sharing with friends of like mind and heart. These alchemical sound properties ignite the flames of passion and possibility.


To where will they lead?

Contemplate these questions as you rest following our closing banquet with hand made, locally sourced organically grown products and reconnect to the source of your feminine voice – a full well of wisdom.

You’ll enjoy the support of your new life-long friendships being strengthened through our evening sharing circle.

After our last breakfast, we’ll embark on a culmination ceremony – where you’ll rejoice in your newfound expression.

And these transformations aren’t simply “out of this world,” you’ll take your new consciousness, fresh perspectives and ability to shift your thoughts and emotions back home and see major results in your home life, relationships, career, business, health and finances.

You’ll have opportunity to review the life changing events of the past six days and contemplate the next steps on your journey to your own personal promised land.

Rest, relax and pack, shop in the local market, until you depart on our shuttle back to Faro airport and your evening flight departures.

“É isso” – (Portuguese: This IS IT...I’m In!)

I suspected as such!

    You know that you have to fill your well FIRST before you can support others with the quality and depth you KNOW you are capable of. Clarity, connections, your next move, and inspiration all manifest with ease in southern Portugal – as do tears, laughter, and hugs.

    Not to mention MAJOR alchemical transformation!

    You have no idea what might happen in Tavira and who you’ll meet. Just imagine the quality of those relationships and the rich gifts you’ll attract into to your life and business in the coming months and years! This retreat is truly life (and business) changing.

    Your soul says: Now you’re singing my song!

    Results Increase with Time

    Thirsty for Magic and Renewal & Need to…

    • Replenish your well – body, mind and soul in these times of uncertainty?
    • Evaluate and reflect upon your decisions?
    • Heal the wounds that have hurt your heart?
    • Replace your self-doubt with clarity of purpose?
    • Overcome the anxiety of letting your soul sing?
    • Stop saying what they want to hear when it’s not YOUR truth?
    • Above all, ready to express and live your truth?


    Empowering your feminine voice, you will:

    • Know your inner truth and speak it with confidence and ease so that others want MORE of what you have to offer.
    • Live in the present, go with the flow and stop pushing the river that depletes your reserves, so you show up in the moment and respond for your highest good.
    • Stop caring what other people think about you and go for what you want.
    • Stay calm and centered, no matter what is going on around you.
    • Have clarity about what to do next in your life and career and how to take action forward.
    • Deepen your embodiment of therapeutic singing practices that increase your ability to create and lead your own music meditations – even or especially if you are a seasoned facilitator!

    The planet is calling for our feminine voices to be heard collectively & individually.

    This requires courageously dismantling fear,  jealousy and judgment with support and self-compassion. After all, your voice is the one making a difference.

    If you’ve been giving, giving, giving to others, but no one’s been giving to you, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to step outside your post-COVID survival routine and dive deep into your inner well of wisdom so you can return home replenished and ready to make a difference.

    So whether you need a pause from your professional pressures, or know it’s time to reassess your life, soothe your heart with healing sound, dream or do nothing, and feel you’re on the precipice of a quantum leap forward, then time to yourself within the support of other wise women is guaranteed to free your soul and fully share your feminine voice in the world.

    Yet there’s no way you can serve others from a depleted well.  Replenishment comes first!

    Together, we’ll be attracting in feminine forces far more powerful than us to create an indescribably empowering experience that attunes you with another paradigm altogether.

    But you’ll have to say YES to join us to experience it. If your heart says YES, we NEED you to join us there!

    My Voice Says YES!


    Why SHOULD YOU join us?

    Top 6 Reasons to NOT Miss this Retreat



    • To reclaim your feminine voice and replenish its healing power
    • To reconnect to your center when you’ve been disconnected
    • To regroup when you’ve been scattered
    • To express yourself when you’ve held your true voice back
    • To confidently navigate the rapids of change
    • To join a group of courageous purpose-driven women making a difference today

    This is TOTALLY FOR you if:

    • You’re ready to LIVE and WORK in flow with your true power to make a your mark in the world.
    • You’re tired of leading alone.
    • You’ve been hiding your spiritual prowess under wraps to succeed in the workplace.
    • You’re ready to align your inner truth with your outer one to make a difference.
    • You want to be part of a group, and are willing to be vulnerable, knowing it’s a strength, NOT a weakness.
    • You  feel excited and nervous about this retreat.

    This is TOTALLY NOT for you if:

    • You need things to look and work a certain way and get upset if they don’t.
    • You don’t know that YOU’RE the creator of your reality, and if something bothers you, the solution lies WITHIN, NOT blaming others or outside circumstances.
    • You make excuses or get defensive when conflict or divergent beliefs confront you.
    • You’d rather be right than happy.
    • You’re influenced by others ideas and judgments about Israel.
    • You’re not willing to take a leap of faith.

    It's TOTALLY me!

    What’s Included:

    • Six solid days of ancient wisdom and feminine voice training, music meditations and ceremonies + lots of succulent sharing and deep conversation all week!
    • Boutique accommodations double occupancy – five nights (The number of people in rooms are subject to final group size)
    • Five delectable buffet breakfasts
    • Three delightful lunch and/or dinners (depending on the day)
    • Opening banquet 
    • Moorish Museum Experience
    • Inspirational Fado Musical Evening 
    • Our Feminine Voice initiation
    • Our “Cleanse the Past” ceremony
    • A farewell Feast our last night 
    • Entrance fees to the Moorish museum
    • Transportation to and from airport October 3rd & 8th (designated times only!)
    • A donation on your behalf to “Womens Voices Now.”, a non-profit whose goal is to drive global social change that advances  girls’ and women’s rights by amplifying their voices through film.

    What’s Not Included

    • Your international round-trip flights (we’ve got some great ideas to help you find a great deal!)
    • Lunches and dinners not listed (one never goes hungry in Portugal, reasonably priced healthy food is available in abundance!)
    • Alcoholic beverages, laundry, incidentals, personal phone calls or other activities not already mentioned
    • Souvenirs and shopping (leave some space in your carpet bag or purchase an extra one) ☺.
    • Tips for porters, housekeeping, accommodation and restaurant staff – whatever moves you…
    • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which we require!)


    Click on each of the THREE TABS and REVEAL YOUR BONUSES!

    Emerge Triumphant – Thrive through Uncertainty Signature Course

    Value: $1500


    Over the years of leading women’s leadership retreats around the globe, I’ve noticed a

    significant difference in success between women who have worked with this material

    prior to the retreat, and those who have not.

    I decided to make it a pre-requisite to experience the work PRIOR to coming to Portugal.

    Everyone who signs up for the Early-Bird receives the course – as a gift. This way, by the time you arrive to Portugal,

    you’ll already be attuned with your feminine voice and receive even more from the retreat.


    ~~Tap into your clarity that resides deep within you
    ~~Lead yourself through the unpredictable process of change
    ~~Come full circle to find balance with your inner and outer conflicts
    ~~Live in harmony with yourself and others no matter what is going on around you.
    ~~Support yourself when you’re going through a personal transformation.

    We will work with this material DEEPLY in Portugal, in the VERY places where these traditions were practiced!


    4 Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Calls.

    This BONUS is valued at $800.

    In addition to the amazing support in our private student support group, you will have

    the opportunity to ask your questions and deepen your practice with me LIVE, in real time.

    The BONUS calls happen once a month, beginning in June. They will be recorded.

    You receive four of them!

    Just because we care, you’ll also receive:

    • A Clarity Call – 20 minutes of 1:1 time with Eliana so she can get to know you personally and best support you on your journey.
    • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info) and then we’ll stay connected post-trip – and of course swap photos!
    • Pre-Trip Group Call – you’ll have the chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intent and learn how to best prepare yourself!
    • Post-Trip Group Call – we’ll gather to help integrate your learnings once back at home!

    OMG! This is AMAZING!

    Here’s how feminine voice unleashed my power and can empower you too.

    When I was 8, I received a gift of Hebrew music. The mesmerizing foreign voice from a foreign land on the record transfixed me for hours upon end as I doodled in my journal and learned by heart, all the words sung in this ancient tongue. On a youth retreat in Israel at 13, a wise woman encouraged me to sing my heart in earnest.

    After receiving my degree in Near Eastern studies, with 13 years of singing and dancing to these ancient rhythms under my belt, I planned a move to Israel. My father’s sudden death the night before my departure, ignited my conscious spiritual journey which led to my learning to listen for direction from within.


    The 80’s recession showed the writing on the wall. When laid off from my 6-figure corporate job, I yearned to leave the US and apply the spiritual teachings learned through self-inquiry.

    But fear kept me from expressing my feminine voice… terrified I would be ignored, or be wrong or invalidated.

    Fear made me doubt my truth. Though through deeper listening, I finally received a gift of clarity.

    Though I had no idea where I was going, what was next or what I would do, I was confident that I was going TOWARDS something.

    Courageously I trusted my intuition & followed it to France where after broadcasting voice-overs on CBS for the Olympic Games, I sang on the inner-city trains of Paris, the most foundational “training” for developing this therapeutic singing modality.

    For the past 25 years I have devoted my life to the resurgence of the feminine voice tradition of ancient Israel, where I lived for 20+ years.

    For years, I could not share my vulnerable side, because others would see it as a weakness, when actually, it was a sign of strength and courage. The only way I could truly be myself and express my feminine voice, was privately.

    At times, it has been a lonely road. Yet solitude helped me hear and trust the guidance of that still small voice within. It has been my best friend and ally. It guided me to found – Voices of Eden, a living experiment in creating Eden on earth, one authentic voice at a time.

    This journey is intended – to help purpose driven professional women connect to and feel empowered by their feminine voice so they can confidently and creatively express it in the world for the highest good of all.

    One of the most important skills that I  developed living in Israel through 3 wars and social unrest for 20+ years, has been living with uncertainty.

    This is the major #1 skill that has enabled me to work and play in creative flow, in a way that makes my heart sing peacefully (even in the midst of war). This is why today, I am on a mission to empower 1000 juicy women to empower another 1000 – as it revives this wisdom and ancient feminine power for our well-being today.

    It is the reason I lead private immersion trainings, retreats and feminine wisdom journeys the places where remnants of this ancient tradition are still alive.

    All of these things have happened as a result of trusting and my following the guidance of my inner voice (especially when it made NO sense)… Every voice makes a difference. When you trust and act upon yours.. it’ll lead you to wonderful places.

    If your heart says yes…YALLA – GO AHEAD


    • New York Times Bestselling author and U.S. Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson calls Eliana…an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. Eliana takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.
    • Sharon Stone features Eliana in the award-winning documentary Femme.
    • Recently Eliana was nominated for Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s Small Business Award for Innovation.
    • Eliana has presented at the UN, TEDx, on-stage with Bobby McFerrin and with thought leaders Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, and many more.
    • In 2001, during the mid-east crises, Eliana initiated a ground-breaking medical research project in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian hospital – a project that has been featured in the worldwide press from CBS, BBC, to the Hindustan Times.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is going to Portugal safe?

    Yes — extremely safe! Portugal even ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index in 2020.

    This sunny European destination has it all — great beaches, incredible history, and color around every corner. It’s definitely a safe place for travelers (as long as they follow a couple of common-sense guidelines – as in any destination).

    Portugal and the COVID Pandemic

    Portugal is known for taking COVID seriously. The country has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world: 87% of people are fully vaccinated as of September 2022. 

    However, the country has lifted nearly all COVID restrictions. There are no special entry requirements related to COVID for Americans. And masks are only required in healthcare settings. While COVID is still a risk, global travelers say they feel at least as safe in Portugal as they do at home.

    So pack your bags! Just keep in mind that — like any destination — travelers should adhere to a few common-sense guidelines. Portugal is popular with travelers and pickpockets know it.

    How many people are going?

    We will be an intimate group of maximum fourteen people. This is intentional for me to be able to spend maximum amount of intimate time with you as well as to allow for our group to really get to know one another and to work together.

    Can we be in touch before we go?

    Yes! Before our journey, we will have one preparation call and we’ll also meet for a preparatory retreat Immersion training call before we gather in person in Portugal. If you signed up for the Early Bird special, you receive an additional 4 coaching calls – which will MAJORLY deepen the power of your work.  You’ll also have contact with women through the Empower Your Feminine Voice Private Facebook Group.

    What are the food options?

    Southern Portuguese cuisine food is based upon a Mediterranean diet. It is on the whole, very healthy with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot less processed food than North America (for example). If you’ve got particular dietary restrictions, please let us know and we’ll do our utmost to have your needs met.

    Can you help me share a room?

    Yes. We are happy to pair you with a roommate whom you’ll have a chance to get to know better before the trip in our FB group, along with the other women as well. Prices are based upon double twin occupancy.  

    Our boutique hotel has been chosen because: 1) They are social enterprises, they support green living, and they have excellent hospitality. 2) The location is short walk to everywhere.  We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Should there be an uneven number of people, you will be charged the difference of the single rate. The sooner you register, the easier it will be to accomodate you. 

    Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes. We like Travelers Insurance which have a variety of plans. You can find other options as well. 

    What is the activity level?

    As long as you can walk at a moderate pace for AN hour, you’ll be fine. Every place we will be going to will be by foot. Tavira roads, in the center of town, are cobblestone.  Be sure to bring COMFORTABLE shoes.  If at any time you do not feel comfortable or able to participate in an activity, you are welcome to take it slow and opt out. Rest assured, you do not have to participate in every activity to receive the full benefit of the journey!

    Can I extend my stay?

    You can stay as long as you like! If you’re coming this far, and can stay, it’s DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Email me and we’ll get you set up! Ales, our travel director – can help you with reservations and travel accomodations.

    How do I pay?

    Payment of your deposit, through the site, will secure your space. Our travel director, Ales Struna – Ales@journeysofthespirit.com – will handling all registrations, reservations, and travel (unless you’d like to make your own flight arrangements). Ales will send you our authorization form to fill out which is all done online. He can also help you find a great deal on flights. There are some really great deals right now – so it’s worth reserving asap. 

    Investment amounts for both the Israel Retreat and the Optional Feminine Mentor Training Extension are on the registration page. We have payment options as well. Contact: team@voicesofeden.com to set up a time to speak and come up with a plan that meets your needs. 

    What to bring or not bring?

    We’ll discuss this more in detail, but here are some of the things I like to bring:  

    • Good walking shoes, broken in. Not Brand New!!!
    • Attire in Israel is informal. In Holy sites – women cover their arms, so bring a scarf or cover up.
    • The weather in May in Israel is mild and warm. It’s a great time of year!  Best advice is to pack layers! Sometimes air conditioning can be cold. 
    • Internet is pretty much everywhere and free. Though I’d suggest you consider leaving your computer at home so you can have a full fledged IMMERSION into the ancient world. Cameras, selfie sticks, whatever makes you tick is fine! Backpack to carry your gear on the excursions to the ancient sites.
    • A great adventurous spirit! This is going to be a journey of a lifetime!

    Israelis are known for their gracious hospitality, their love of authenticity, spontaneity, creativity and their spirituality. Don’t let media hype stop you from experiencing your feminine power.

    * Disclaimer: Be prepared for change of itinerary and plans – this is the nature of life in Portugal! If you need to have things followed through, exactly as planned, then this is definitely NOT an appropriate retreat journey experience for you. A big part of the magic in Portugal – is the dynamic nature of it. Plans are made as a jumping off point – we flow from there. Accommodations are planned in locations noted or comparable places.

    I am ready for Portugal!

    Still Have Questions?  Let’s Chat! Schedule HERE or send a note below.

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