All Retreats Cancelled until COVID-19 Has Passed Us. Stay Safe and Healthy!

If you’re a woman in transition who’s exhausted and overwhelmed, ready for a refresher, and ready to awaken the transformative, healing power of your own voice for yourself and others, then join me for a deeply connected, soothing and heart-centered private retreat.

This could be a huge turning point for your life, your health and your well-being

Are you ignoring that voice within beckoning you to a new reality? How much longer are you willing to suffer in silent pain, stress and anxiety, in utter confusion that comes from NOT speak your truth sweetheart?  If push comes to shove, you’ve got to admit it, you don’t have all that much time to wait!

Unless that is, heaven forbid, you’re about to give up!   

That’s NOT YOU! You’re not meant to feel worthy, only when you’re giving to others…or be real, only when you’re in isolation!

You’re meant to be the woman who dares to show up authentically, even if it doesn’t “fit the mold”! If you haven’t seen and heard for who you truly are…you need a soothing space to feel safe showing up as you ARE!

Isn’t it time to stop hiding from anyone, or anything! It’s time to stop hiding from your authentic self!

Imagine living life on YOUR TERMS, in your own way, as a feminine leader as a woman NOT as a man in a skirt!

Imagine creating your next phase from the depths of your spirit so you can nurture  authentic communication that allows for transformation and creative expression as you touch the lives of others

You surprise and delight yourself in how you hold safe space, empowering yourself and others to be real, grow and authentically show up. All because you’ve cultivated an unshakable trust within yourself! You’re finally showing up on YOUR terms!

It simply takes your authentic being (not “doing things” to perfection) to ignite this power

Replenish and Rejuvenate

If you’re a woman in transition who’s exhausted and overwhelmed AND READY to tap into your transformational power and awaken the healing power of your voice for yourself and your clients, then join me, Eliana Gilad, healing voice,  feminine leadership coach, authentic presentation strategist and healing music pioneer for a deeply connected, soothing and heart-centered retreat in Los Angeles, California!

Come prepared for a rare, restful, deeply satisfying, meditative experience. 

Quietly resting in a modern high rise tower – the epic Hollywood sign beckons from the sweeping panoramic view of the Hollywood Hills in the distance…while deep within, an ancient process magnetically taps you into the source of your hidden power with clarity and confidence.

Why Should You Join Me?

By the end of this weekend retreat…

  • You’ll finally have had ample time to connect to your inner truth and your true worth so you act from there with effortless ease…
  • You’ll have an empowering experience of your voice that authentically expresses who you are, unapologetically!
  • Anxiety will have melted into open receptivity of abundant good in your personal and professional life…
  • Expanded trust in your intuition calls in new support and guidance that allows you to BE your BEST SELF.
  • You’ll have great clarity around your purpose and the next steps to take to live it…achieving more by doing LESS!
  • You’ll trust expressing your creativity and passions. Imagine owning trust in all things!

Say Shalom (Hebrew for GOODBYE FOREVER!) to anxiety, overwhelm and isolation for good!

Why Los Angeles?

Imagine getting to experience calm, stillness and panoramic beauty in the middle of a big city.

You get to be centered inside, in the midst of a place famous for focusing for how it looks “outside”, on the facade. We’re talking intimacy right in the middle of “material world bustle”.

How much longer do you intend to suppress your voice?  In the middle of “La La Land”, you’re FINALLY going to hear your true voice and feel safe and secure expressing it in amidst others who are daring to do the same.  It feels SO good to no longer be alone!

The place itself, is very quiet and quite beautiful. The weather is always great. The angels truly sing here.

Float Above the Clouds with Your Feet Firmly on the Ground in the Vibrant City of Angels

Nestled between the ancient dinosaurs remains discovered at LaBrea Tar Pits, the world-famous Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which lie just a few minutes walk to the south, and the iconic Farmer’s Market and world famous Grove to the north, you’ll discover that the world is your oyster (all within a ten minute walk)!

I was born under the Hollywood sign (literally), in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital (perhaps an early prophecy of my future in the middle east 😊?!  As a direct descendent of the ancient Levite Tribe, that would make cosmic sense. 

My life’s work has been to revive this practical and deeply spiritual approach for  modern application through a ground-breaking medical research project I initiated in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian neonatal intensive care unit in wartime.  Miriam’s Secret – Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership, is the book sharing this reawakened feminine power that has lay dormant for thousands of years. 

Now you’ll have the opportunity to drink from the refreshing well of this ancient lineage with me. After thirty years and over 50,000 hours of research to revive this way, it’s time for us to discover more together!

What Happens on a 3-Day Retreat?


When you register for the retreat, you will receive a special personal mentoring session with pointed questions to help you design your ideal retreat. 

I go over each response and then design the retreat curriculum according to YOUR needs. Every private immersion retreat is uniquely guided by the client. This way, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our retreat begins with gourmet “Shabbat” meal that Eliana  personally prepares for you (she’s quite the chef!). She loves to take your dietary concerns into account and create a meal that you’ll love to eat and be nourished by. “Shabbat” is the traditional time to stop and reflect upon the week that has passed. It is a time of rest, reflection and replenishment.  The “Shabbat” is represented by divine feminine energy.  In fact, it is also called “the Sabbath Bride”.  It’s SO nice to have the time to celebrate your humanity as sacred. 

But no worries…there’s no religion nor dogma here…you don’t need to be Jewish, or any religion for that matter.  It’s the ancient cultural tradition that is being honored here – to support YOU in your replenishment. 

Ancient Feminine Healing Music Ceremony

Imagine yourself wrapped in the wings of the “Shechinah” (Divine Feminine presence) as you unwind during our magical candlelit Ancient Feminine Healing Music Shabbat Ceremony,  relax into our introductory and intention setting session which sets the deeply peaceful pace of the entire weekend.

The intimate environment created is one of safety and serenity. As this healing sound work is deep and profound, there is a special intimacy created where it is safe to be who you are and not be judged.  

The weekend consists of active programming in the morning and afternoon, with open time in the afternoon for relaxation and rejuvenation. Take a leisurely walk to one of the European style cafes and allow the music of the fountains in the background to soothe your soul or take a dip in the pool or soak in the jacuzzi. 

There is ample time for you to rest, have time to yourself, as well as ample time for connecting with Eliana and the material we will cover. In this retreat, there is no “right or wrong”.

I will be sharing long forgotten mystical music and alchemical feminine sound patterns with the potency to break through even the hardest blocks.

Though you might not necessarily know what is going to go on during the weekend, if you are resonating with this material, know that THAT is the sign that it is right for you.


Leaders give all the time. Who gives to the leaders?   

There is this ancient source of feminine power, not readily recognized in the West, that is so supportive, so soft, so nurturing that your nerves just melt into butter inside, no matter what is going on around you.

Imagine yourself at ease, empowered, finally having time to listen to your true voice (whether you write it, sing it, say it)…there’s ample time for it all, AND…NO need for any musical or singing talent. 

There’s no performance here either.  Just you being supported in being the powerful wonderful woman you already are!

Give yourself the gift of self-love.


My favorite thing in the world is to create healing rejuvenation retreats to support change-makers going through change to stop and gain a new perspective by re-connecting to the source of their inner calm and clarity and strengthening the feminine qualities of nurturing, nourishment, patience, acceptance, and allowance. 

This 3-Day Immersion is TOTALLY NOT for you if…
  • You need things to look and work a certain way and get upset if they don’t.
  • You don’t know that YOU’RE the creator of your reality, and if something bothers you, the solution lies WITHIN, NOT blaming others or outside circumstances.
  • You make excuses, get defensive or run away when conflict or divergent beliefs confront you.
  • You’d rather be right than happy.
  • You’re not willing to take a leap of faith.

Give yourself the gift of self-love now!

This 3-Day Immersion is TOTALLY for you if…
  • You’re tired of feeling exhausted, depleted and alone (even if you’re considered the life of the party)! 
  • You’ve been hiding your spiritual prowess under wraps to succeed in the workplace.
  • You’re ready to align your inner truth with your outer one to make a difference.
  • You are willing to be vulnerable cuz deep down, you know it’s a strength, NOT a weakness.
  • You feel excited and nervous about this retreat.

Here’s What Other’s Have to Say about Voices of Eden Live Retreats:

The time, energy and financial investment are worth more than money or words could ever say.

This retreat and learning to use this ancient sound method taught me how to apply what I learned. Rather than just being sounded upon, I am a real participant in the whole process!!  Medical and scientific research has been done to validate this work.   


I healed deep resentment that had stopped me for years.  I healed my brain from the effects of several mini strokes that had left me bed-ridden.   I thought I’d never be able to go anywhere again other than short jaunts in town.   


Yet following this private immersion, I flew overseas to be with my family! The time, energy and financial investment are worth more than any money or words can say. Deep gratitude and blessings.  

Sharon Rose, Community Leader



I earned more money which MORE than covered the cost of the program. I highly recommend it!


“I loved the silence and the energy and your openness. I loved the opening and exploring why I was there. My responses were heartfelt.

It was a wonderful and quick, but deep glimpse into what awaited me (having never done something like this before, I was a bit nervous). I loved the chakra clearing exercise… it was something magical.


It was obvious that this is special. It was palpable. 


What made it so is that I followed my inner urge to be there so there was a purity. No expectations, no seeking gain. The following week, I earned more money which MORE than covered the cost of the program. I highly recommend it! “


Zarla Williams, Photographer and Online Retailer


I’m Focused in my Power Center

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for all of the loving tenderness I experienced…your brilliance lights up my heart song…your voice is deep within my soul.

For now, I have the confidence to fully express MY true voice in the world… this is my Tribute to Voices of Eden.

Nancy Buehl – Mentor



What if I have no musical aptitude…

First of all, this is not a singing workshop. There is no need for musical aptitude or special talent. The use of healing voice connects you to the power of your authentic, natural voice.  Shower singers need not shy away :-)…There is no performance here. There is also no “prescribed” way to to “do” things. Imagine finally feeling safe to show up just as you are and feeling at ease being with others, just as you are.

How long is the retreat?

We begin at 4:30 on Friday, and will end by 1pm on Sunday. We suggest that you give yourself the treat of arriving to Los Angeles early to take advantage of the beautiful city. You’ll avoid the Friday traffic as well. If you fly into LA, it’s a simple straight shoot Uber or Lyft ride to Park LaBrea (where Eliana lives).


What’s Included with Tuition?


  • 3-Days Solid Healing Intensive Retreat including PERSONALLY DESIGNED curriculum filled with wisdom and ancient healing sound, music meditations and ceremonies + lots of succulent sharing and deep conversation!
  • Ancient Feminine Healing Music Shabbat Ceremony
  • Gourmet Shabbat Dinner (no you don’t have to be Jewish…there’s NO RELIGION involved 🙂 )!
  • Miriam’s Secret – Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership book
  • 2 Continental Breakfasts. Special diets e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free accomodated
  • Retreat Workbook




Just Because I Care, You’ll Receive…


Private Personal Mentor Session – this guides me to craft the curriculum to your personal needs. Value: $350

Lead with Your Feminine Power – 5 Week Group Coaching Course – for powerful women in midlife transition, ready to fully stand in their power so the second half of life becomes the most meaningful and they can fulfill their reason for having been born. Value: $997

And…You’re Treated Like a VIP!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

You’ll  be treated to two full nights and three days accommodation in a private fully furnished master bedroom with sweeping panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills and Sign! There is a private en-suite bathroom…imagine bathing to the light of the full moon (should the timing coincide!).

The private immersion is customized to your individual wants and needs, we’ll go  deep into uncovering and banishing the blocks that keep you from expressing your radiant, true nature. And together we’ll come up with a customized plan for living the life that will bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment!

This VIP Experience is ideal if you are moving through a major life transition:

  • Career change (promotion to executive, executive to entrepreneur, entrepreneur to the next level of business)
  • Relationship change (breakups, separation, conscious uncoupling, divorce or death)
  • Physical healing (have tried all other forms of treatment and healing and ready to go to the next level of healing)
  • Geographical move (and wanting to create a new experience of life)
  • Answering the Half Life questions (Who Am I, What Is My Purpose, How Do I Live My Purpose

Plus…You Receive an Additional Valuable Bonus:

Additional Follow Up 1:1 Coaching Session for the accountability to follow through on your Feminine Power Plan that you will have crafted during our time together. Value: $350


Experience What Happens in a Bonus Follow Up Session*

*shown with client permission