Replenish Your Energy — Reginite Your Passion!

3-Day Women’s Wisdom Retreat in Los Angeles

Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2020 with Eliana Gilad

If you’re a successful woman in transition, ready to reignite your dream, your passion, and your powerful roots of wisdom so you know what’s next to confidently live your truth from the inside-out, then join Eliana Gilad on an immersive journey to replenish your well in the Holy Land over 8 restorative nights and 9 days.

Descending 300 stairs into the belly of the earth, and then winding through a narrow tunnel reminiscent of a birth canal, you emerge to join the rest of your friends around an ancient well. In this still, silent womb of the earth, surrounded by the spirit of wise women across the ages, you surrender yourself to the space and reconnect with the ancient source of your feminine power.

This magnetic force nurtures you unconditionally, like a mother. Nourished by an impenetrable calm, clouds of fear and confusion melt into nothingness. Your well fills to overflowing as you experience the elixir of this sane, stable forgotten energy.

Your body floats upon the healing waters of the Dead Sea – on the lowest place on earth. As you feel the sacred waters rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit, you hear the distant sounds of ancient voices dancing upon the desert breeze, reverberating deep within your soul…

Transported by the sound, transformed through it, you release the bonds of past beliefs, traumas and limitations and open to the truth of your deepest being…A few minutes later, feeling clear, confident, and courageous, you’re completely relaxed and comfortable, grounded and in your power, ready to move forward in your life.

How would it feel to drop your defensive demeanor and BE your authentic self at work and play? 100% possible!

  • Imagine your daily crammed lifestyle expanding into an elevated one where you achieve more by doing LESS!
  • Hear your inner truth and speak it. Be nourished by the support of women at the tipping point of female leadership, just like you. You truly belong to this team!
  • Your heart expands as it sings out loud, without judgement (not even yours :-)….

Now is the time to trust your voice, embrace your feminine power and live in creative flow!

Sound good? B’VAH-DAHYIE! (Hebrew: “ABSOLUTELY!”).
Then listen up… you’re going to LOVE this!

We’ll be reawakening the power of your authentic voice through ancient feminine sound healing techniques.

At the culmination of this epic journey, you’ll walk away with:

  • Crystal Clarity about your direction in life so you can experience joy and abundance at work and play in creative flow.
  • Confidence, standing solidly in your feminine power, and inspiring others to action by your authentic expression.
  • Courage to remain deeply calm, even amidst chaos in a way that makes a true difference in the world.

If you’re going through change, feeling exhausted and depleted from trying to figure things out… isn’t it time to give your mind a rest?! Your feminine power lies just beyond your cognitive mind. When you surrender to that power, the answers can flow right to you with effortless ease. Your well gets replenished and you are rejuvenated with boundless energy to move ahead towards your own personal promised land – peaceful and joyful, completely YOU, working and playing in creative flow.


Why should you join us?

  • To reclaim your feminine power
  • To finally give to yourself instead of others, FIRST
  • To reconnect to your roots
  • To have support growing into your next level
  • To express yourself when you’ve held yourself back
  • To navigate the rapids of change
  • To team with other wise women passionately engaged in making a difference in the world!


You will no longer be alone. You’ll go from becoming to belonging. You’ll have the support of some of the most personable and passionate women you’ve ever met, moving in a similar direction, living from the heart, in feminine flow…some of whom will become your lifelong friends! 

You’ll discover the remnants of this ancient feminine way being expressed today in Israel through our meetings with local feminine leaders. Imagine being uplifted, enchanted and inspired by wise women of all faiths, and religions, as we create together.  Beyond dogma, religion or any “right or wrong” way to be.  Leave your sadness and sense of separation behind for good, as your heart’s deepest desires actually come to fruition! Your first-hand experience will prove to you, without a doubt, that you can live a heart centered prosperous life, connected with passionate change-makers like you,  NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you.

Best thing is, you’ll return home with your personal feminine power map in hand – ready to charter your next steps forward, in creative flow, on your journey, to your own personal promised land!

Plus, we’ll be instruments of reviving this feminine power together, through the healing sounds in the mystical sites of Ancient Israel. We’ll delight in a banquet of delicious, delicate, healthy local cuisine as we break bread with native leaders of past and present.


We’ll open our journey at the beautiful boutique Market House Hotel, housing archaeological remains of a Byzantine Chapel. You’ll  be inspired as you view these impressive ruins through the glass floor of the lobby. Influenced by the unique spirit of Jaffa and the lively market atmosphere, the hotel design features works of art that express the magical feeling of the city. In Jaffa, the world’s oldest continuously working port (5000 years!), and biblical site of Jonah and the Whale, Jew and Arab live side by side. You’ll enjoy aroma of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice wafting through the alleyways of the ancient Jaffa Flea market which lies just outside the front door.

Arandal reveals a fascinating story that began approximately 3000 years ago when the Israelites wandered in the desert on their way to the Promised Land, through to the Nabateans, the merchants of frankincense and myrrh, who set up guards to protect the camel convoys.

Danny, Keren and volunteers have evacuated 120 tons of military waste and planted 2 orchards: 5 acres of olives and 7 acres of dates. They have built all the buildings with ecologically sustainable materials.

Relaxing into the stillness, enjoying the silence, imagine the clarity with which you’ll finally be able to hear that small still voice within, whispering it’s wisdom to you.

Our desert oasis home in the Arava of Southern Israel is the Arandal Ranch Boutique Hotel, where social entrepreneurs, Danny and Keren Cohen have literally turned swords into ploughshares by rehabilitating an eroded military tract of land.

Danny and Keren will share how they dared to leave their big city, high tech life behind to pursue their dream of saving the virginal open territory as a public asset, hand crafting a beautiful, hand built, hand crafted ecological boutique hotel with a gourmet organic restaurant that uses locally sourced agricultural products such as local olive oil produced from their hand planted orchard.

Our home in Galilee is in a renovated 17th Century stone mansionintimate and relaxed, with warm hospitality and an open friendly atmosphere where guests and staff of this social enterprise, make new and lasting friendships.

Float away passed the wells of the prophetess Miriam and Magdalene in the mystic world of Safed, birthplace of Kabbalah and Shekinah – the Divine Feminine. Tucked away between the intertwining allies of the city’s old artist quarter lies our boutique inn.

To culminate our journey… We’ll sojourn within the Old City walls of Acco, an ancient port city where the annual Acco Theatre Festival is held. We’ll be staying in a unique Ottoman Empire Stone boutique inn – which we will have all for ourselves. This is a one of a kind building and the rooms are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. At Arabesque, owners Evan and Micha Fallenburg says: “We made a decision to remain, always, a part of the neighborhood that surrounds us and not a separate entity. 

That means that while our elegant rooms will make you feel a world away, when you enjoy the courtyard garden outside your room you will also enjoy the scents of our neighbors’ cooking, their laundry hanging above you, and the sounds of their children laughing (or squabbling) around you.  We love this aspect of Arabesque and hope you will, too.”

We’ll end with a communal farewell feast to celebrate the magic of our journey, crowned with the empowered jewel of your inspired, open heart.  Fresh heavenly, hand-made stuffed grape-leaves, hand picked off the vine, savory middle eastern salads, tagines, fresh baked bread and delectable desserts might just make you never want to leave.

Take Me to the Promised Land


Myrrh and frankincense, fresh cinnamon and clover, the essence of fresh persimmon and olive oil. These names evoke ancient scents of mysterious beauties, princesses in ancient palaces and sensuous desert maidens. Women knew how to arouse passions with the wonders of nature found around them.

You’ll be experiencing a variety of these titillating scents. Your entire being will rejoice with sumptuous healthy gourmet delights. Israeli cuisine is a naturally fresh Mediterranean diet, enhanced by multi-cultural influences and native ingenuity.

You will be roused each morning through the Israeli breakfast feast – an adventure in flavor, texture and spice, fit for a queen. Like the people themselves, Israelis’ breakfast foods are bold, with assertively tangy flavors, and comprise the freshest ingredients. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, labane (a thick yogurt-based cheese), a tantalizing spread of cheeses, eggs, dates, olives, and piping hot pita seasoned with hyssop, baked pastries and much more await your palate.

Oriental tables laden with delicacies served in small oriental bowls filled with colorful salads… thick tehina, fried eggplant with mint and the traditional vegetable matbukha will revitalize your health, without adding to your waistline. Jugs filled with cool fresh-picked mint lemonade quench your thirst.


In the West, it’s expected to follow through on plans. In Israel, plans are made as a jumping off point… they are changed all the time, as new developments occur. Life is VERY dynamic, lived in the present. It’s a GIFT!

If you’d like to experience living life in creative feminine flow… you’ll LOVE this program. Its intent is to share the ancient feminine wisdom way by LEADING FROM ITS GUIDANCE IN REAL TIME. Therefore, an exact schedule for each day and the spiritual teachings are intentionally left out, to allow for us to attune to creative flow. The power of this program is the group attuning together to this energy.

This entire journey is a great opportunity to let go of rigid itineraries and the mind’s need to know, and to open up to the deeper wisdom of the heart which is always attuned to the magic of the present moment.


Revival of the ancient feminine healing sites... ancient voices beckon us to respond to their call.

  • Honor Prophetess Miriam (Moses’ sister) at the shores of Galilee and Magdalene’s well in Migdal.
  • Magically merge with healing voices of the sacred feminine sites in Galilee.
  • Connect to the source of feminine power in the belly of the earth at the ancient well of Megiddo.
  • Participate in an ancient Ma’agal (circle) with local feminine leaders of everyday life.
  • Experience the Shekhina and Kabbalah, embodying feminine power, in their spiritual birthplace.
  • Reconnect your natural creativity in Miriam’s drum initiation ceremony.

On this journey, you’ll clearly awaken to three different phases of feminine power:

  1. Connection
  2. Courage
  3. Confidence

The best thing is, you’ll return home with your personal feminine power map in hand – ready to chart your next steps forward on your journey to your own personal Promised Land! Meet with Everyday Feminine Leaders Living in Feminine Flow…

We’ll be meeting with extraordinary everyday feminine leaders Jewish and Arab, who live, work and play in feminine flow… even during times of great uncertainty. Women such as…

Bella Hillel Shahar, photographer, single mother of 2 who has founded a unique “photo-therapy” approach based upon the feminine leadership traditions of her Hebrew matriarchal roots.

Savta Gamila Hiar is 76 years old, a widow with five children, 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Her medicinal soap sells in 40 countries and employs only women – Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Druze…a living example of peaceful co-existence.

Margalit Zinati, born in 1931, is the last link in the chain of a Jewish community that maintained a continuous presence in Galillee since the time of the Second Temple, when three families from the ranks of the priestly cast, who served in the Temple, moved there.


Day 1


Today your journey to Israel begins.

On arrival in Tel Aviv-Jaffa our staff will welcome you. You will transfer to the hotel to rest and relax before our reception and welcome dinner tonight in Jaffa.

Accommodation: Market House – standard double twin room with breakfast.

*hotels subject to change

Day 2


After a luxurious and leisurely breakfast, we’ll walk to the famous ancient flea market of Jaffa, where we will meet a traditional artist-music store owner and receive a hand-made, healing music kit, including biblical frame drum, personally crafted for you, and ancient healing bell.

You will receive a basic biblical drum lesson – where you’ll learn to connect with your drum, how to hold it and release the ancient Dum and Tak from the depths of the skin head and frame which holds it.

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon. Visit the ancient clock tower. Meander down to the Tayelet  boardwalk and watch the world go by on this beautiful mediterranean coast. You’ll enjoy the ancient tradition of L’Stalbet  – allowing for feminine flow to guide our delectable discoveries.

Accommodation: Market House – standard double twin room with breakfast.

Day 3


We’ll meet our driver and ascend the winding road to sacred Jerusalem, place of pilgrimage for Jews, Christians and Muslims since the biblical era.

We’ll visit the Old City with it’s significant religious sites around the Temple Mount compound, including the Western Wall (sacred to Judaism), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (a Christian pilgrimage site) and the Dome of the Rock (a 7th-century Islamic shrine with a gold dome).

Follow the ancient tradition of private prayer, and leave a personal note to (your own Higher Power) in a crevice of the Western Wall.

We’ll travel down through the Dead Sea valley, past the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, to our destination – the sacred Arava Desert.

Accommodation: Arandal Ranch – standard double room with breakfast.

Day 4


What would life be like if you let go of your self criticism, for the way you sound, speak or sing (God forbid!!!!)? Imagine being free to express your authentic voice and be heard for who you truly are, without worry of what they’ll say or what they’ll think.

You’ll be inspired by Danny and Keren Cohen who will share their journey from self-doubt to confident self-expression in the creation of their eco-lodge – boutique hotel – Arandal Ranch.

Discover ancient healing sound and feminine leadership practices that will transform your entire way of being in the world.

In sacred ceremony at the Hathor Temple at Timna, the world’s oldest copper mines, you’ll connect with a renewed sense of self worth, in this 6000 year old temple imbued with ancient feminine power.  

Accommodation: Arandal Ranch – standard double twin room with breakfast.

Day 5


We part Jerusalem and head north to Megiddo, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world dating back 30,000 years, with multiple layers of human civilisation one on top of the other. The group will participate in an ancient feminine power initiation descending deep into the belly of the earth to reawaken the wisdom lineage of the prophetesses Miriam and Deborah at the well.

Mysticism, music, art, delectable food and history, all packed into one little town perched high atop of a mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

We’ll travel from the desert to descend to the lowest place on earth — your body floats upon the healing waters of the Dead Sea. As you feel the sacred waters rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit, you also hear the sounds of sacred voices ringing through the desert winds, reverberating deep within your so ul…


Accommodation: The Way Inn – one of a kind, unique ancient en suite – triple room with breakfast.


Day 6


Enjoy a free morning meandering the narrow alleyways of Safed – or Tsfat in Hebrew – where many houses are painted blue, to reflect the closeness of the heavenly sky, and the divine feminine. Safed is the center of mystic Kabbalah, which has unfolded from ancient times until today.

Go through the Artist’s Quarter for glimpses of beautiful old stone houses – and galleries in the homes of the artists. Cute little restaurants dot the picturesque alleys. Visit the Safed Candle Factory, in the Old City where artwork in wax reaches unbelievable heights.

Enjoy the biblical landscapes, as we meander along the Shores of Galilee to the newly excavated synagogue of Magdalene. We’ll experience an Ancient Hebrew Sound Ritual at the mythic well in her home of Migdal.

Accommodation: The Way Inn – unique ancient accomodation – triple suite room with breakfast.

Day 7


Miriam, was a prophet, courageous spiritual leader, and a creative healing artist: the composer and singer of the oldest song in the Bible. She prophesized the birth of her brother Moses.

There is a legend of a Well of Miriam, which “gave forth water whenever a woman sang to it with the proper heart-song.” Water from Miriam’s well could heal the sick and restore hope to the broken hearted. In the wilderness, the mystical well-traveled with the Hebrew people, and when they camped, it settled opposite the Tabernacle.

Not only would it spring up to give refreshment, wisdom and clarity for divine direction. After Miriam died, some said the well disappeared, though some said that it settled on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

We will meet the mythic wells of Miriam reconnecting to our well of wisdom and courage through a sacred initiation ceremony that echoes her sacred feminine power.

Transported by the sound, transformed through it, you release the bonds of past beliefs, traumas and limitations and open to the truth of your deepest being


Accommodation: The Way Inn – unique ancient luxury suite – triple room with breakfast.

Day 8


At this point in our journey, we’ll experience the fruits of some extra-ordinary feminine leaders who have inspired me on my own personal journey.

Savta Gamila is Druze, a mystic people who believe in re-incarnation. We’ll learn how this soap-maker became Israel’s most unlikely feminine pioneer. Women are considered spiritually superior to men, yet they have traditionally been kept in the home. Gamila started a small soap business in her kitchen. Today it does $50 million in business. One particularly vulnerable day, Gamila told me: “Everyone who wants to open a new door has to pay a price. I have done that to open a door for other women.

If you want to reawaken and stand in your own feminine power… this feminine Galilee experience will be a game changer. If you have ever worried… “What will they say about me”, “It’s too dangerous to do it differently”, or “I can’t make a living – living true to my heart”, learning from my Druze friends, you’ll move past the fear of “not doing it right”, so you can finally BE who you truly are, and share your gifts freely with the world.

Accommodation: Four Day Extension – Arabesque– unique ancient, one of a kind accomodation – triple room with breakfast


Day 9


Enjoy a free morning meandering the alleyways of Akko, we’ll traverse the rolling green hills of lower Galilee to my beloved home of Kiryat Tivon. We’ll visit the ancient oak grove, beloved to the entire community and imbibe the feminine energy residing underneath the craggly Galilee rocks.

You’ll hear the feminine sound reverberating off the drum heads, connecting you to a deep sense of serenity within.

We’ll visit the ancient catacombs of peaceful co-existence at Bet Shearim to experience a profound, deeply healing and transformational sound experience in the Menorah caves.

Enjoy lunch at one of the many cafes and fresh local stands in the town square.

Connect to your inner wisdom while relaxing on one of the mosaic benches in the natural Galilee park.

We may meet with my friends from Tivon, a collection of artists, entrepreneurs, academics and women on a social path – who enjoy sharing together, the joys of life, lived in the present moment. You’ll have ample time to make new friends with the locals who are only too happy to share their wisdom with you.

You’ll enjoy the support of your new life-long friendships being strengthened through our evening sharing circle.



Accommodation: Arabesque – one of a kind, luxurious triple – quadruple room with breakfast. (number in room depends on final group configuration).

Day 10


Celebrate the many ways in which the human soul searches for mystical experiences and understanding through a variety of ancient traditions. The culmination of your sacred journey, illuminates the way for the next step on your path forward.

In troubled times, ancient peoples turned to the musicians and mystics to find solace, understanding, and inspiration. Those “wise wenches” knew that during dark times the soul is nearby. For the soul finds its way by touching darkness and releasing the hidden light. 

In response to the dramatic events now changing the face of the world, the healing and transformational aspects of sound and music become more valuable for orienting and guiding both personal and community life. What cannot be clarified mentally can often be transmitted through wordless sound that releases the burdens of troubled hearts. 

Today you will create your Personal Feminine Power Self Care map to chart your next steps as you return home (wherever that is).

This evening imbibe in a traditional farewell dinner fit for a Queen – lovingly crafted and.hand made with ancient local recipes.

Accommodation: Arabesque – Unique triple-quadruple room in an ancient Ottoman stone residence with breakfast and Farewell dinner.

Day 11


After breakfast, we’ll embark on our culmination ceremony – where you’ll  rejoice in your newfound freedom.

You’ll  have opportunity to review the life changing events of the past eleven days and contemplate the next steps on your journey to your own personal promised land.

Rest, relax and pack, shop in the local souk, until you depart on the train and travel back down to Tel Aviv and your evening flight departures.

Accommodation: Arabesque – Unique triple – quadruple Ottoman era stone villa with breakfast.

I am ready for this journey

What’s Included

  • Boutique accommodations double twin occupancy 10 nights (Safed and Acco have unique bed configurations dependent upon final group size)
  • Ten delectable Israeli buffet breakfasts
  • Opening dinner in Jaffa port
  • Lunch in Jerusalem
  • Creative Feminine Leadership Meeting with local leaders.
  • Meeting with Savta Gamila + learning about the Druze culture and traditional healing arts
  • Nine feminine power and healing voice sessions and lots of spontaneous sharing all week long!
  • Deluxe transportation with A/C and professional drivers during transfers and excursions (basic English)
  • English-speaking tour guide for our day in Jerusalem and the souks (markets)
  • Our Miriam’s drum initiation ceremony
  • A farewell  Feast banquet on our last night
  • Entrance fees to all of the sites we visit in Israel listed on our itinerary.

What’s Not Included

  • Your international round-trip flights (we’ve got some great ideas to help you find a great deal!)
  • Lunches and dinners not listed (one never goes hungry in Israel, healthy reasonably priced healthy food is available in abundance!)
  • Alcoholic beverages, laundry, incidentals, personal phone calls or other activities not already specified.
  • Souvenirs and shopping (leave some space in your carpet bag or purchase an extra one 🙂 )… Your money supports the artists.
  • Tips for drivers – it is customary to tip the Driver (suggested US$ 5 per person per day), porters, housekeeping, hotel and restaurant staff.
  • Personal, medical and trip cancellation insurance (which we require!)
  • Site entrances – not listed


  1. PREPARATION COURSE: HITKHABRUT– CONNECTION through the Live Online Immersion Training (date to be announced).
    You’ll discover how to connect to your authentic feminine power, how to access and activate the healing aspects of it, and how to safely express your feminine voice so that people respond and it fills you with joy. This will prepare you to practice and deepen your mastery of the precious life tools you are been given at the feminine wisdom sites where we will be working during our Journey of Discovery.
  2. Frame Drum personally hand crafted for you in ancient biblical style
    You’ll receive a personal drum – hand made for you to use in our special healing ceremonies, and when you get back home. Each of these unique hand-made drums have been made possible by a private Israeli-Palestinian artisan initiative.
  3. Biblical Frame Drum Lesson – Experience the frame drum first hand, as you choose your hand crafted drum in Jaffa.
  4. Four Weeks of Frame Drum Lessons – online video lessons taught by frame drum teacher Marla Leigh Goldstein – you’ll be able to refer to these lessons over and over again.
  5. Voices of Wisdom Community Encounter and Live World Broadcast –  Culminating in our voices ringing out in harmony for a LIVE BROADCAST of GOOD to the world. Your voice will contribute to broadcasting peace from the middle east. 
  6. Ghattas Turkish Bath Experience.  Pure Indulgence in the beautiful and atmospheric hammam, hired exclusively for our group.  This hidden gem  is a historic Turkish bathhouse, brilliantly renovated with excellent modern spa facilities in a classical setting. You’ll be greeted with traditional hospitality, Turkish coffee, sweets, hydrating water and fruit. Following your restful experience on the traditional marble massage tables, relax in the dry sauna and hot tub and emerge from this luxurious experience, refreshed and renewed.  Treat yourself to this once in a lifetime experience

Be part of a live expression of feminine leadership and celebrate the many ways in which the human soul searches for mystical experiences and meaning through ancient  traditions.

Come with us–to be part of the pioneering wise women who will be sharing our GOOD with the world  – wise women, Israeli, Palestinian, Jew, Christian, Moslem, Druze – (it’s a non-issue…we’re beyond those designations…)TOGETHER – we’re going to be broadcasting our voices LIVE, making history (or herstory :-)… Your authentic voice, have it stand for GOOD!!!  

There is NO NEED for singing talent or prior experience.


About Eliana

When I was 8, I received a gift of Hebrew music. The mesmerizing voice on the record transfixed me for hours upon end as I doodled in my journal and learned by heart, all the words sung in this ancient tongue. In Israel at 13, a wise woman encouraged me to sing my heart in earnest.

After receiving my degree in Near Eastern studies, with 13 years of singing and dancing to these ancient rhythms under my belt, I planned a move to Israel. My father’s sudden death the night before my departure, ignited my conscious spiritual journey which led to my learning to listen for direction from within.

The 80’s recession showed the writing on the wall. When laid off from my 6-figure corporate job, I chose to leave the US and apply the spiritual teachings learned through self-inquiry. My family and friends thought I was nuts. They said I was doing a “geographic” … “you take yourself with you where-ever you go”, implying that I was running away from responsibility.

That hurt. It made me doubt my truth. Though through deeper inquiry, it gave me the gift of clarity.

Though I had no idea where I was going, what I would do, I was confident that I was going TOWARDS something. Gratefully I had the courage to follow that voice. In France I broadcast voice-overs on CBS for the Olympic Games, then sang on the inner-city trains of Paris, my main “training” for developing this healing music modality.

For the past 25 years I have devoted my life to share the feminine leadership way of ancient Israel, where I have lived for 20+ years. For years, I could not share my vulnerable side, because others would see it as a weakness, when actually, it was a sign of strength and courage. The only way I could truly be myself and nurture this ancient feminine power, was privately.

At times, it has been a lonely road. Yet solitude helped me hear and trust the guidance of that still small voice within. It has been my best friend and ally. It guided me to found – Voices of Eden, a living experiment in creating Eden on earth, one authentic voice at a time.

This journey is intended – to help unconventional professional women connect to their feminine power and trust their authentic voice so they can confidently and creatively express it in the world for maximum health, wealth and well-being.

One of the most important skills that I have developed living in Israel, has been living with uncertainty. This is the major #1 skill that has enabled me to work and play in creative flow, in a way that makes my heart sing peacefully (even in the midst of war). This is why today, I love composing and presenting personalized healing music, particularly in the ancient healing sites – as it revives this wisdom and ancient feminine power for our modern use today. It is the reason I lead private immersion trainings, retreats and sacred wisdom journeys to this ancient land.

All of these things have happened as a result of trusting and my following the guidance of my inner voice (especially when it made NO sense)… Every voice makes a difference. When you trust and act upon yours.. it’ll lead you to wonderful places.


Meet Bella Hillel Shahar…

Want to know why I’m involved in this Wise Women’s Retreat?

My heart’s greatest delight is in helping powerful women to discover their true power hiding within, and to reflect these hidden gems out into the light for all to appreciate.

I know that when women, all around the globe, connect to their inner voices and allow them to express them outwards, this will make our world a much better place to live in.


Why is this important?

Still today, in 2017, there are women in every corner of the world, who are not expressing themselves, nor living their lives fully. Filled with fear, they do not know that their vulnerability, is in fact, power and that deep within, lies a treasure chest of jewels waiting to be revealed. I have always felt a special calling to help others see their brilliance. It is why I love photography so much.

 Why now?
For years, I have known that 2017 is THE year for me to fully bring my own voice out into the world. 2017 is the year for each unique voice to be heard, and for all of our voices to come together. Voices of Eden is a living experiment of creating Eden on earth, one authentic voice at a time, and I contributing my voice to help others contribute their voice, so that we can all live well together.

If your heart says yes…YALLA – GO AHEAD


  • New York Times Bestselling author Marianne Williamson calls Eliana…an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. Eliana takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.
  • Sharon Stone features Eliana in the award-winning documentary Femme.
  • Recently Eliana was nominated for Los Angelos Mayor Garcetti’s Small Business Award for Innovation.
  • Eliana has presented at the UN, TEDx, on-stage with Bobby McFerrin and with thought leaders Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, and many more.
  • In 2001, during the mid-east crises, Eliana initiated a ground-breaking medical research project in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian hospital – a project that has been featured in the worldwide press from CBS, BBC, to the Hindustan Times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is going to Israel safe?
There is no war going on in Israel now. It is safe to visit. Israel is NOT Iraq, not Iran, not close and it’s THE bastion of democracy in the Middle East. Though I have lived peacefully in Israel for over twenty-two years, WITH Jews, Christians and Muslim – Israelis and Palestinians, INCLUDING during wars… others have expressed their fear and concerns about my visiting and living there known. Others responses generally have to do with what they have seen or read in the media.


Security is a highly attuned craft in Israel – it’s usually out of sight.

The job of commercial media is to sell fear and drama. Advertisers push a lot of product this way.
Statistically the number of people killed in traffic accidents in Israel is greater than the number of people killed in war – during the entire existence of the modern state of Israel.  For reference: The United States has 10xs the number of murders per day than Israel – yet this does not prevent us from traveling to American cities.

If I would have reacted to what others told me about visiting or living in Israel, I never would have moved there. One of the main goals of this Feminine Leadership Retreat is to move you PAST your fears. Imagine what your life will  be like when fear no longer prevents you from acting upon what your inner voice guides you to do.

When people actually arrive in Israel they are usually SO pleasantly surprised by the safety they feel.

How many people are going?
We will be an intimate group of six minimum to maximum of ten people. This is intentional for me to be able to spend maximum amount of intimate time with you as well as to allow for our group to really get to know one another and to work together.
Can we be in touch before we go?

Yes! Before our journey, we will have one preparation call and we’ll also meet for a preparatory retreat Immersion training call before we gather in person in Israel.

What are the food options?
Israeli food is based upon a Mediterranean diet. It is on the whole, very healthy. If you’ve got particular dietary restrictions, please let us know and we’ll do our utmost to have your needs met.
Can you help me share a room?
Yes. We are happy to pair you with a roommate whom you’ll have a chance to get to know better before the trip in our FB group, along with the other women as well. Prices are based upon double twin occupancy.


The luxury inns in Safed and Acco are ancient structures – based upon communal living – as was practiced in ancient times. They are one of a kind, hand crafted places with a limited number of rooms.  Some suites include living room, kitchen and yard. These places have been chosen because: 1) They are social enterprises, they support green living, and they include the local community into their business. 2) Their structure supports our group living together. Think, pajama party, with ample room to have your own space.

The number of people in each room will be determined upon final group size and room count. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Should there be an uneven number of people, you will be charged the difference of the single rate.

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes. We like Travelers Insurance which have a variety of plans.
What is the activity level?
As long as you can walk at a moderate pace for AN hour, you’ll be fine. We spend time in nature, such as when we visit the ancient oak grove and in the ancient sites. At Megiddo, we’ll be descending 250 stairs into the belly of the earth.  If at any time you do not feel comfortable or able to participate in an activity, you are welcome to take it slow and opt out. Rest assured, you do not have to participate in every activity to receive the full benefit of the journey!
Can I extend my stay?
You can stay as long as you like! If you’re coming this far, and can stay, it’s DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Email me and we’ll get you set up! Ales, our travel director – can help you with reservations and travel accomodations.
How do I pay?
Payment of your deposit, through the site, will secure your space. Our travel director, Ales Struna – – will handling all registrations, reservations, and travel (unless you’d like to make your own flight arrangements). Ales will send you our authorization form to fill out which is all done online. He can also help you find a great deal on flights. There are some really great deals right now – so it’s worth reserving asap.



Registration for the Full Package (including the Live Online Immersion Training), happens on the Immersion program page

What to bring or not bring?
We’ll discuss this more in detail, but here are some of the things I like to bring:


  • Good walking shoes, broken in. Not Brand New!!!
  • Attire in Israel is informal. In Holy sites – women cover their arms, so bring a scarf or cover up.
  • The weather in November in Israel is a question left for the Gods, even if you’re a meteorologist! The weather at this time can be hot and dry but in previous years we’ve had rain and storms. Last year’s journey – was sun filled, not one day of rain. The day after the group left, it rained. Still, if you’re here for more than a few days the chances are that most of the time it will be warm and dry. Best advice is to pack layers!
  • Internet is pretty much everywhere and free. Though I’d suggest you consider leaving your computer at home so you can have a full fledged IMMERSION into the ancient world. Cameras, selfie sticks, whatever makes you tick is fine! Backpack to carry your gear on the excursions to the ancient sites.
  • A great adventurous spirit! This is going to be a journey of a lifetime!

Israelis are known for their gracious hospitality, their love of authenticity, spontaneity, creativity and their spirituality. Don’t let media hype stop you from experiencing your feminine power.

* Disclaimer: Be prepared for change of itinerary and plans – this is the nature of Israel. If you need to have things followed through, exactly as planned, then this would NOT be an appropriate retreat journey for you. A big part of the magic in Israel – is the dynamic nature of it. Plans are made as a jumping off point – we flow from there. Accommodations are planned in locations noted or comparable places.

I am ready for Israel!