Replenish Your Energy – Reignite Your Passion

Your Investment – Two Easy Options

  1. Deposit: $2800 + One Additional Payment: $2800 = $5600 –  To be paid in full before first day of retreat
  2. One Payment: $4997 (Save $603)

Here’s the Thing – Read this REALLY Carefully!

**This is the bottom line – and please read this carefully:

You can do one-hour sessions once a month for a year, like in therapy, or you can invest in twelve hours over three days and have the time to work deeply through what you need to without being interrupted by the clock. This is extremely important

After all, who wants to take a year to resolve something that can be resolved in one weekend? Hopefully not you!

But you have to want to change with every cell in your body, because if you don’t have a deep desire to move past your inner blocks, as soon as you come up against something that’s even mildly inconvenient, your mind is going to say no. I say your mind because your heart and spirit want to be free and happy. That’s what drove you here—it’s your mind that’s afraid of change. It will justify any excuse to stay in the same place, and it will sabotage your entire life. It will say things like:

  • Well, that’s more expensive than I’d planned on.
  • I can’t really take the time for a program like that.
  • If I have to fly there, that’s going to be too much.
  • I don’t know if I can spend that much money on myself.
  • With the corona virus – it’s too dangerous to take risk. 

If you listen to excuses like these, you are going to stop in your tracks, and that will be it. This is a time to drop the excuses, throw away the crutches, imagine your ideal life, and fly toward it with all the strength and commitment you can muster.

So please, send in an application or email, but only if you are serious. Then we can have a profound and worthwhile conversation about your desires and goals, about how you can make your life the most amazing creation.

Please remember: you and your well-being should be the number-one priority in your life. If you are not happy and fulfilled, everyone and everything in your life will suffer as a result: your relationships, your family, your work, your abundance—everything. So what are you going to do? I hope you’re going to say yes, but please don’t say yes for me, because this is not about me. It’s about and for YOU

Still interested? Here’s what you can do:

Fill out the application, along with several dates that would work for you and please email it to me. I would be happy to chat with you for 30 minutes about what you want to accomplish and how I can help!


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